For convenience and completion of transactions, users need to have a payment account created on the VIKKY system in two forms: bank card account or VIKKY wallet.

Users can choose to pay the fee by:

  • Local ATM card
  • Credit card or debit card VISA / Master / JCB
  • VIKKY wallet (registered account wallet, refill points, exchange rate 1 point = 1.000 VND)

Cards’ terms of use:

  • In case you choose to pay by Card, you need to register a valid card as specified on the application.
  • In the case of another person's Card, you must assure and warrant that you have the necessary approvals for your use of the Card to pay for the use of the service provided through the application.
  • You agree that we may verify and accept your Card information when you first sign up for Us, as well as when you use the Service.
  • You agree that we may make a reasonable "hold" order, which is not a charge to be charged to your Card but solely to verify the Card payment method. The "holds" section in your account report is "pending." The "hold" order is a measure to prevent any unauthorized or fraudulent use of your Card.
  • In the event of card payment being processed abroad, you will incur the costs incurred by this payment.
  • You are responsible for resolving disputes yourself with your Issuer.

VIKKY wallet:

  • You can purchase a usage limit to pay the fee through the VIKKY wallet.
  • The minimum limit of VIKKY you can hold at any time is VND 100,000.
  • You can buy points in any form supported on the app from time to time. Choosing a specific payment method when purchasing a deposit means that you have agreed to the terms of use of the partner services to make payment to VIKKY and the credit institution that provides the service to you. You will be responsible for all charges that may be applied by these payment processors and / or the credit institution that provided the service to you (if any) for the form of payment you selected.
  • VIKKY reserves the right to refuse your request for any reason whatsoever if it considers that the request is inappropriate for VIKKY.
  • VIKKY wallet will not be converted into cash nor refundable. VIKKY wallets will also not be sold, exchanged or transferred between accounts.
  • The VIKKY wallet will not accrue any interest in the process you use on the application (except for point promotions).
  • You need to ensure that you always have enough points in your VIKKY wallet to pay the fee.In case you do not have enough points to pay the service fee, you can purchase more points to complete the payment of service fees for VIKKY.
  • You can check the rest of the wallet on the application. The remaining limit of the wallet shown on the application will be the final statement for the remaining limit of your wallet from time to time.
  • VIKKY has the right to revoke your wallet when VIKKY has reasonable grounds to believe that the purchase is fraudulent, illegal, legally-related, or where VIKKY has reasonable grounds to believe that you have violated Terms of Use.

Method of payment::

  • When the job posters confirm the work is refunded, the system will offer two options: Cash payment or Online payment.
  • If you choose cash, the system will automatically close the job posted on VIKKY and the outsourcer will pay cash directly to the receiver.
  • If you select the online payment method, the system will deduct points in the outsourcer's payroll account corresponding to the amount paid to the recipient. If the wallet account does not have enough points, the system will automatically go through VTCpay gateway interface, the outsourcer will perform the payment steps according to the payment gateway. The outsourcer's money will be retained by the system and will transfer the point or money to the receiver as required.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Terms of Use or issues arising out of the Terms of Use on the application, please contact