For users posting jobs

  • Users posting jobs on VIKKY will not pay any fees for postings in the categories displayed on VIKKY except the Online Jobs category.
  • The user posted jobs only pay for hire workers for posted jobs
  • Due to the nature of the work done online, the outsourcer needs to add money or points to the account to deploy the work. This amount or point remains in the outsourcer's account until acceptance and completion of the payment step

For job seekers:

  • Users looking for work and getting jobs on VIKKY will have to pay a service fee to VIKKY of 15% based on the amount received from the job. This fee will be deducted directly from the user's e-wallet account.
  • If the cost of work varies according to the agreement between the job seeker and the outsourcer, the change fee does not affect the fee charged by VIKKY to the job seeker.

Fees are not related to services with third parties. If the work requires payment to a third party, VIKKY is not responsible

VIKKY may change fees and terms from time to time. Any changes to the service fee will be effective from the day VIKKY notifies you of this change via a notification on the application or email.

VIKKY may temporarily change your charge policy (for example, promotional occasions) and a notification will be sent to your account.